About the Association

The Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association was formed in 2000 to address community issues in the south San Jose area generally bounded by Santa Teresa Boulevard on the north, the Santa Teresa Foothills on the south, Cottle Road on the east, and Winfield Boulevard/Almaden Lake Park on the west (see map below). Although we are willing to work on any issue which affects our neighborhoods, we have initially identified the following priorities:

  • Preservation of the Santa Teresa Foothills
  • Creation of a public trail along the Coyote-Alamitos Canal between Santa Teresa County Park and Lake Almaden Park
  • Public Education and Awareness
  • Safe Neighborhoods
  • Hillside Development Enforcement

Membership Area Map: 

The Association consists of over 500 members at the present time. Our current Board of Directors are:

Rick Mandel - President
John Hessler - Vice President, Treasurer
Lynn Paulson - Recording Secretary
Jon Reinke - Secretary
Denelle Fedor - Director
Dave VanEtten  - Director
Prasun Prakash - Director

The Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood Association has adopted a set of Bylaws to govern the Association.

We invite you to join our Association if you are in the area shown above. We also need volunteers to participate in our committees and to help us in our endeavors. Please fill out a membership form and join us.

Whether or not you become a member of the Association, your input concerning our priority areas is needed and welcome, and we encourage you send us an e-mail with your ideas and comments. You are also welcome to volunteer whenever we need help with a community project and you are welcome to attend our open Association meetings. Visit our site for details about these functions, and come back often because there's always something new afoot.