Join STFNA or Renew Your Membership


What you can expect from your membership in our Association?

  1. Emails about issues affecting our community, upcoming events, and selected community news items.
  2. Voting rights at general membership meetings.
  3. The opportunity to help your community.
  4. Access to a member profile page to make paying your dues and updating your profile easy.

You can upgrade or downgrade your account at any time. If you get an error message (This email is already in use), then click the Forgot password link at the top of the page.

Although dues are voluntary, we ask for $25/year per family. If you'd like to contribute an amount not listed, sign up for a free Supporter membership and then send an email to

We appreciate any kind of support from our members and need all the residents we can get to sign-up in order to give a strong voice regarding issues affecting our community.

Thank you!