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What can the Coyote-Alamitos Trail do for our community?

15 Apr 2009 11:49 PM | STFNA Admin (Administrator)
trail.gifEnhance our community by providing a safe, attractive, and aesthetically-pleasing trail that connects to Santa Teresa Park, Lake Almaden Park, the Coyote Creek Trail, and the Los Alamitos Creek Trail

Consistent with the effect of constructing trails nationwide, reduce existing illegal activities (e.g., drinking, partying, discharging of firearms, vandalism, arson, etc.) in the foothills by increasing human presence, including ranger patrols.

The trail can save lives. It can provide a safe, easily-accessible recreational trail for thousands of users in South San Jose.

It can help to reduce traffic, pollution, and traffic accidents by providing a safe commute route for non-vehicular commuters to businesses and schools in Santa Teresa, the Almaden Valley, IBM's sites, Edenvale, and the Coyote Valley.

It can help reduce crime and vandalism and prevent fires by providing a vantage point for neighborhood watch volunteers to keep an eye on their neighborhoods.

Juveniles bent on mischief and vandalism like to go to places where they will not be seen by adults. The current off-limits status of the Coyote-Alamitos Canal invites them. This may be why there are so many fires in the Santa Teresa Hills. Opening the canal such that more adults (including their parents) are frequently in the area will tend to chase these young troublemakers away.

Regular patrols can report trail and canal maintenance problems. This is important to the people who live below the canal, since it serves as a storm drain in the winter and helps protect the homes below from mudslides.

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