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Santa Teresa Park Access Concerns

01 Jul 2004 12:33 AM | STFNA Admin (Administrator)
There are concerns about access to the former Buck Norred Ranch, now the Mounted Ranger Unit. There are residents of the neighborhood near the Mounted Ranger Unit who have concerns about problems caused by increased usage of the park and Coyote-Alamitos Canal next to their houses. Other members of the community are concerned about restrictions on neighborhood access to the park.

Friends of Santa Teresa Park held a special meeting on May 6th, 2004 with a large community turnout. Matt Freeman, president of our Association, attended that meeting along with a follow-up meeting on June 3rd, 2004. There was much discussion back and forth. The areas discussed include Coyote-Alamitos Canal, the Bear Tree Lot, the Pyzak Ranch, Curie Drive, the paddock on Curie and San Ignacio, the Bonetti House, the Buck Norred Ranch buildings, the Mounted Ranger Facility, and the Mine Trail. But at the follow-up meeting, the Park and Rec department presented a solution to move a trail up and around the private property. They indicated they could have it completed this fall.

View minutes from the May 6th, 2004 meeting

View minutes from the June 3rd, 2004 meeting

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