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                    Preservation of the Santa Teresa Foothills, Creation of a public trail
                    along the Coyote-Alamitos Canal, Public Education and Awareness,
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What do the Annual Dues pay for?
Members of our Board of Directors and others volunteer their time and some of their personnel resources freely, and we try very hard to find charitable souls who are willing to donate the resources we need to carry our initiatives. But we still incur some costs, and the Annual Dues help offset these costs. Our major recurring costs are Printing and Mailing of our Newsletter, and Supplies and Refreshments for our Association Meetings and Functions. Any money that is left over from these activities helps us to pay for our initiatives. For instance, the Century Oaks Park Adoption and Project requires us to provide water to the trees and shrubs, and trash and doggy bags for litter.

One of your priorities is a public access Coyote-Alamitos Trail, but isn't there already a trail along the canal?
The canal access road that many people use for recreation and to walk their dogs is not a sanctioned public trail. It is an easement that property owners have given to the Santa Clara County Water District to operate the flood control canal. Therefore, technically the people who use this road are trespassing on private property.

Are you aware that some residents along the Coyote-Alamitos Canal feel that a public access trail along the canal ruins their privacy?
Yes, we are very aware that some of our neighbors whose backyards are adjacent to, and in view of the Coyote-Alamitos Canal access road are concerned about maintaining their privacy. And, we plan to do all we can to preserve the sanctity of their residences if and when we can establish an official public Coyote-Alamitos trail along the north side of the Santa Teresa Foothills. For instance, we plan to see if we can have a trail that follows some of the powerline access roads that are higher up on the hills, rather than following the canal access road directly behind homes. Where this isn't possible, we plan to provide plantings and other obstacles that will screen concerned neighbors from the eyes and noise of trail users.
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