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San Jose City Budget Cuts Affect Santa Teresa Foothills Neighborhood

  • 10 Oct 2009 10:35 PM
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    STFNA Admin (Administrator)

    The City Council, facing a budget deficit of $84 million, examined a number of cost cutting measures that affects the quality of life and safety of the Santa Teresa Foothills neighborhood. The FY 2009-2010 City budget (passed on June 23) preserves public safety, neighborhood services, economic development and other essential City services by streamlining administration and utilizing one–time revenues to balance the budget.

    The approved budget saves many of the programs that were slated to be cut. Unfortunately, some programs have been reduced, including traffic calming and street landscape maintenance. The City will remove the higher maintenance types of landscaping in the coming months and will only implement traffic calming projects that improve safety.

    Closing the budget deficit of $84 million would not have been possible without the support of the City’s employees. Nearly all of the employee union groups came forward to renegotiate their contracts and forego raises in order to save City services and jobs.

    San Jose continued to receive a positive credit rating from three national rating agencies. S&P rated San Jose with an AAA rating, Fitch rated San Jose AA+ and Moody rated us Aa1. Having a sound fiscal profile enables San Jose to borrow at favorable interest rates and it shows confidence in the City’s financial management, particularly when a number of other Bay Area cities faced even more severe budget issues.

    However, the State level budget woes are likely to impact San Jose in the future. Council Members Ash Kalra and Nancy Pyle are involved in dealing with the State to minimize the fallout on the city.

    “I am proud of the fact that my Council colleagues and I were able to bridge an $80 million budget deficit without a major hit to services to the community and public safety. However, it looks like we will be suffering, once again, at the hands of the State as their budget fixes will inordinately impact our bottom line,” said Council Member Ash Kalra (District 2). “The Governor has proposed taking billions from local jurisdictions. The impact of the recommended taking to San José is close to $100 million, which is greater than the hole we just creatively dug ourselves out of in June! Rest assured we are lobbying hard to fight the State as hard as we can. In the end, we may lose the battle and tough choices regarding city services may have to be made. If that is the case, you can be certain that I will do my best to inform the community of impacts so we can weather this financial storm together.”

    While the impact of State cuts has yet to be felt, here’s how the City’s budget cuts affects your neighborhood. Please check the STFNA map to see if you’re living in District 10 (Council Member Nancy Pyle), or District 2 (Council Member Ash Kalra).

    District 10: City Budget Impact

    Proposed Cut

    How the cut would have affected services in District 10 (was not implemented)

    Final budget that was

    Close Fire Station 30 & 33

    Reduced services in the Communications Hill area

    Both Fire Stations will remain open

    Reduce Library hours to 4 days per week

    Almaden Library would only be open
    Wednesday – Saturday and Vineland Library would only be open Monday - Thursday

    All City libraries will be open at least five days per week, possibly six days depending on labor negotiations outcomes with two unresolved contracts

    Eliminate park ranger program

    Almaden Lake Park would not have any rangers and the trail system would not be patrolled

    Almaden Lake Park will continue to have park rangers

    Close 6 neighborhood and satellite community centers

    No District 10 neighborhood centers would be closed

    All neighborhood and community centers City wide will remain open this year and the City will try to identify non–profits to run the centers next year

    Reduce Code
    enforcement staffing by 2.35 positions

    District 10 would have had reduced code enforcement staff and greatly increased response times to reports of blight

    The current level of funding and response times will continue

    Elimination of the Crime Prevention unit

    The Neighborhood Watch program would have been eliminated

    Neighborhood Watch program will continue

    Eliminate 1 of 7 police traffic enforcement units

    Reduction in speeding
    patrols and school
    safety patrols

    The current level of traffic enforcement will continue

    Eliminate the police
    mounted unit

    The mounted unit would not have been available for class presentations and District 10 events

    The City will keep the mounted unit

    Reduce support for
    non-profits and arts organizations

    Fewer cultural events and arts events would have been available in San Jose

    The current level of funding will continue

    VTA Service Cuts

    Cuts are being proposed to lines with low ridership totaling 6% of total bus

    service and 8% of total light rail service. Effected lines in District 10 include the Line 13 community bus weekend service, late evening service on the line 27 and minor changes to other routes.

    Cuts pending and may be moderated by further Council action.

    District 2: City Budget Impact

    Proposed Cuts

    How the cut would have impacted services in District 2 (was not implemented)

    Final Approved Budget

    Reduce library hours by a total of 13 hours a week, down from 47 hours to 34 hours per week.

    Edenvale Library would see a reduction in available services and hours.

    All libraries will be open at least five days a week.

    Close six community centers beginning January 2010.

    Los Paseos Youth Center would be closed.

    All city-wide community centers will remain open. The City will attempt to find non-profits to run the centers next year.

    Eliminate the Crime Prevention Unit.

    The Neighborhood Watch program would end.

    The Neighborhood Watch program will continue.

    Eliminate 1 of 7 Traffic Enforcement Units.

    This would reduce speeding patrols and school safety patrols.

    Regular level of funding will continue.

    Reduce support for non-profits and the arts.

    Fewer cultural and artistic events would be available in San José.

    The current level of funding will continue.

    Eliminate proactive code enforcement in non-SNI areas.

    Reduced code enforcement staff and longer response times to code violation reports.

    The current level of funding and response times will continue.

    Reduce hours at the Police Administration Building.

    Lack of direct access to police services.

    Current hours of operation (6 AM to midnight) will continue.

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